Which Are the Real Advantages of Industrial Floor Coatings?

Concrete floors are porous surfaces which rapidly create dust, retain stains and are prone to cracking because of the wear of daily use. In an industrial environment, those weaknesses increase exponentially, creating potential perils for workers and users of these floors. Unless protected by the adequate coating materials, industrial floors not only become unsafe, but also deteriorate at a much faster rate.The main advantage of industrial coatings is the general improvement of the floor condition and life cycle: they strengthen the floor surface, increase its resistance to abrasion, wear and chemicals, improve its appearance and ambience, and contribute to make it safer, delimitating hazard and danger areas, marking out guidance to fire exits or offering anti-slip protection. All of these features are of particular importance for commercial and leisure industries, where floors and facilities are open to the general public.Other industries may also need anti-slip coating for their floors, along with other features available for industrial floor coatings such as resistance to extreme temperatures, pressure or chemical wash, high hygiene standards, dust-free preparation and easy maintenance, as seen in the case of food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. As advised by professionals on industrial flooring in London, each type of industry has particular needs regarding the specific wear conditions their floors have to be able to endure; therefore, choosing the adequate material is essential to ensure the best performance and the lowest life cycle cost.Making the most of industrial floor coatings means choosing materials specially designed and engineered to withstand the particular abuse each type of industrial floor is subject to, be it chemical exposure, abrasion, impact or thermal shock. Apart from these four elements, there are other important aspects to consider when deciding on a certain coating material. Epoxy, for example, provides a tough, protective and very hard coating, with the additional advantages of being easy to clean and maintain, allowing to create differentiated areas with color and texture, being non-toxic and safe for the environment or providing anti-slip protection for workers and general users.Coatings bonded directly to the surface of the concrete floor, such as Epoxy coatings, offer a long term protection, most of them including also an aesthetic value, very useful to certain industries. For the automotive industry, for example, Epoxy coatings offer a hard wearing, easy to clean solution with a high degree of slip resistance in greasy and wet environments, and the additional value of a decorative feature to reflect the colors of a corporate branding.